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Our Shop Location

Custom Angle Rods' shop is located at Oak Ridge Marina 2919 W Hwy 154, Quitman, TX.   We are Across the parking lot from the office.  Our mailing/shipping address is 8490 W FM515, Yantis TX 75497.









While All Custom Angle Rods are very versatile, it is always better to find the right tool for the job. Here are some recommended fishing rods for specified techniques:  *note Moby Bass Series Pro Models are built with a faster tip while Moby Bass Series are built with a moderate tip. A general rule of thumb is:  Use a slower tip or lighter action rod for moving baits like crankbaits and topwaters and a faster tip or heavier action rod for slower moving baits such as jigs and worms.

Custom Angle Rods

Buzzbait – Moby 7’M
Pop-R – Moby 6’6” M-MH
Skipping a Frog – Moby 6’6” XH
Normal Frog Applications – Moby 7’ HMAG
Zara Spook – Moby 6’6” MH

Custom Angle Rods

Smaller shallow divers – Moby  7’ M/MH, Moby Crank Master 7'6" MH, Hot Rod Series Crankbait Rod 7’ - 8'  MH
Heavier shallow divers – Moby 7’ MH, Moby Crank Master 7'6" MH, Hot Rod Series Crankbait rod 7’ - 8' MH/H
Medium divers – Moby 7’ MH, Moby Crank Master 7'6" MH, Hot Rod Series Crankbait rod 7’ - 8' MH/H
Deep divers – Moby Series 7' H, Moby Crank Master 7'6" MH/H, Hot Rod Series Crankbait rod 7’ - 8' H/XH
Lipless/traps – Moby 7’ M/MH, Moby Crank Master 7'6" MH, Hot Rod Series Crankbait Rod 7’ - 8'  MH


Custom Angle Rods

Short roll cast + small baits – 5’6” MH (available w/ pistol grip)
1/4 oz. - 5/16 oz. – Moby 5’6”-7’ M/MH, Hot Rod Series 7MH
5/16 oz. – 7/16 oz. – Moby 6’6”-7’ MH, Moby 7'6" MH Crank Master, Hot Rod Series 7H
1/2 oz. – 1oz. - Moby 7’ H, Moby 7’6” H Carolina Special (For Long Cast.), Hot Rod Series 7' - 8' XH
1 oz. + - Moby 7'6" H Carolina Special – Moby 7'6" XH Flip Master


Custom Angle Rods

Basstrix/Hollow Belly – Moby 7’ HMAG
Long cast less than 6oz. – Moby 7'6" Carolina Special, Moby Pro Model 7'6"H, Hot Rod Series 7' - 8'XH

Long cast more than 6oz. – Moby Pro Model 7'6" - 8' H/XH

Weightless worms
Custom Angle Rods

Small – Moby 6’6”-7’ MH,
Regular - Moby 6’6”-7’ H,
Large – Moby 7’ HMAG, 

Carolina Rig

Custom Angle Rods

All Carolina Rigs – Moby 7’6” H Carolina Special, 7' 6" XH Carolina Special,
                            Moby Bass Series Pro Model 7'6" - 8' H

Texas Rigs and Jigs

Custom Angle Rods

1/4 oz. - 5/16oz. – Moby 6’6”- 7’ MH
3/8oz. - 5/8 oz. – Moby 6’6”- 7’ H
3/4oz. - 1oz. – Moby 7’- 7’6” H, XXH, XXXH
For Flipping Wood – Moby Series 7’6” XH Flipmaster Moby Bass Series Pro Model 8' 0" XH
For EXTREME FLIPPING1oz and up  Moby Bass Series Pro Model 7' - 7' 6" - XXH Grass Masher Jr., 7' - 7' 6" XXXH Grass Masher Sr.


Custom Angle Rods

Wacky – Any Moby series Whackee.
Drop-shot - Moby series spinning 6' 6" M - MH Drop Shotter, Moby Spinning 7’ M - MH
Shakey Head – Moby Spinning 7’ MH
Split shot – Moby Spinning 7’ M


Custom Angle Rods

Smaller – Moby  6' 0", 6’6”, 7’ M
Larger - Moby 6’6”-7’ MH

If you have any questions about finding the right Custom Angle Rod feel free to CONTACT US.




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  • Serious depletion of fish population in your local ponds, rivers and lakes.
  • Marital problems
  • Angler’s elbow
  • Jigginitis
  • Fish-a-lot syndrom
  • Also can become very habit forming

    Made in the U.S.A
    Please Practice Catch and Release







Custom Angle Rods provides a complete line of spinning rods designed for the bass fisherman. These rods meet the needs of those who prefer open face spinning reels. All models offered for bait casting are available in spinning. We also offer a complete line of superior ultra-lite spinning rods for those who love light line fishing. All of our spinning rods are equipped with rugged titanium oxide guides and feature one of the most ergonomically designed reel seats available. Comfort Plus!