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Custom Fishing Konts


Blood Knot

(Fishing knot used for connecting two lines together)

  1. Overlap the ends of your two lines that are to be joined. Twist them together about 10 times.
  2. Open one of the center twists and thread the two ends through the space as shown.
  3. Wet the knot then pull the knot together and trim of the short ends.

Custom Fishing Knots


Fishing Knot used for attaching hooks, lures, swivels, etc.)

  1. Double line and pass through the eye of the hook.
  2. Tie an overhand knot in the double line. Do not tighten.
  3. Pull the hook or lure through the loop end.
  4. Wet line and pull both the tag end and line end until knot is tight. Clip off the tag end.