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The Magnum:  A 7' 0" extra heavy jig rod originally designed for jig fishing and worm fishing is quickly becomming a favorite among frog fishermen.  The Magnum, which is ideal for throwing jigs and Texas rig worms into heavy cover and grass, has proven itself as a near perfect frog rod.  Frog fisherman have learned that the action of this rod is ideal for throwing those frogs over heavy cover and capable of pulling those hogs out.  Our Pro-Staffers using the Magnum have nicknamed it the "Toad Rod", "Toad Stick" and "Frog Rod".  This rod can also be used as a Texas rig rod, swimbait rod or a shorter Carolina rig rod.  No matter what you are looking for, a jig rod, Texas rig rod, frog rod, toad Stick, swimbait rod or a Carolina rig rod the Magnum is the rod for you.