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The Moby Bass Series 6' 6" extra heavy Jig Master:  Looking for a great jig rod?  How about a fantastic worm rod or are you looking for a fine pitching rod to coax those finicky bass out of that tight cover, then check out the  Moby Bass Series  6' 6" Jig Master.  An extra heavy action jig rod with a moderate tip designed specifically for pitching those jigs tight to cover.  The Jig Master is also great for throwing a varity of other baits including Texas rig worms, heavy bodied frogs and swimbaits.  When you need a shorter rod with great backbone the 6' 6" Jig Master will get the job done.


The Moby Bass Series 7' 0" extra heavy Magnum:  The 7' 0" Magnum is the perfect rod when you need a little extra length.  This rod is the big brother to the 6' 6" Jig Master


Need a Jig Rod for extreme conditions then check out our full line of Moby Bass Series Pro Models.