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Do my rods have fast tip or slow tip? Custom Angle Rods

An age old question asked by many fisherman! The rule of thumb is the quicker a rod straightens out from the tip towards the butt the “FASTER” the tip. The longer it takes to straighten out the “SLOWER the tip.”

The power or action of a rod is determined by the design of the first 2/3rds (from the handle to towards the tip).

Many rod companies are now using a power rating for their rods. This replaces the action rating of the past. Fly rod manufactures have used the power rating for a number of years. The power rating varies from manufacture to manufacture. The rating values could be 1-6, or 1-8, etc.
Custom Angle Rods still uses the action rating: Medium, Medium/Heavy, Heavy & Extra Heavy.

Custom Angle Rods Action Charts