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Moby Bass CastingThe Moby Bass Series - PRO MODEL is

the heavy duty partner to our standard Moby Bass Series rods.  These rods are designed specifically for extreme fishing conditions.  Power through the thickest grass, heaviest brush or the deepest water with the with the Moby Bass Series Pro Model.

Like its name sake, the PRO MODEL is carefully hand crafted using only the finest materials available. Our Pro Model graphite blanks are made for us by Lamiglas USA using the latest in integrated carbon fiber technology. These rods are extremely strong and durable providing maximum strength and sensitivity. Each PRO MODEL is available with either full grips or split grips utilizing high quality Portuguese cork or black EVA foam.  All casting rods are fitted with an exposed blank graphite reel seat and black framed titanium oxide double footed guides and a titanium oxide tip.  If you’re punching 2 oz jigs through thick grass then the PRO MODEL 7'  or 7'6" GRASS MASHER is the jig rod for you.  When you need a monster flipping rod or a heavy duty swimbait rod, then the 7' 6" or 8' 0"  extra-extra heavy action PRO MODEL will meet the challange.  These rods will throw the biggest swimbait you can tie on.  When you need a carolina rig rod for those extreme conditions and you need to pull that bass out of the tickest of cover or when you need a swimbait rod to throw those mid range baits (3 - 4 oz) our 7' 6" or 8' 0" heavy action PRO MODEL will fill the bill.

The Moby Bass Series Pro Model features a fast action tip and a stout backbone.  They are available from 6'6" to 8' in Medium/Heavy (MH), Heavy (H), Extra Heavy (XH or MAG) and our monstors the: Grass Masher Junior (XXH) and the Grass Masher Senior (XXXH).

6'6"  Medium Heavy/Heavy/XHeavy/XXHeavy/XXXHeavy $239.99 $239.99
7'0"  Medium Heavy/Heavy/XHeavy/XXHeavy/XXXHeavy $239.99 $239.99
7'6"  Medium Heavy/Heavy/XHeavy/XXHeavy/XXXHeavy $239.99 $239.99
8'0"  Heavy/Xheavy/xxheavy $239.99 $239.99

The PRO MODEL is available with REC Recoil nickle-titanium and black pearl guides or MICRO guides.






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The Moby Bass Pro Model Elite and the  Raptor Elite features the advanced composite blanks, split or full grip, The new REC recoil guides and the exposed blank reel seats.
Genuine REC nickel -titanium recoil guides with memory
Step on them, bend them, they will recoil back to their original position, and the advanced composite blanks will not crush.


  • Serious depletion of fish population in your local ponds, rivers and lakes.
  • Marital problems
  • Angler’s elbow
  • Jigginitis
  • Fish-a-lot syndrom
  • Also can become very habit forming

    Made in the U.S.A
    Please Practice Catch and Release







Custom Angle Rods provides a complete line of spinning rods designed for the bass fisherman. These rods meet the needs of those who prefer open face spinning reels. All models offered for bait casting are available in spinning. We also offer a complete line of superior ultra-lite spinning rods for those who love light line fishing. All of our spinning rods are equipped with rugged titanium oxide guides and feature one of the most ergonomically designed reel seats available. Comfort Plus!